I-TeleRAD - Teleradiology Reporting Service

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I-TeleRAD - Teleradiology Reporting Service

I-TeleRAD is the I-MED Radiology Network’s teleradiology reporting service, and is the largest and most sophisticated teleradiology reporting service operating in Australia.

Teleradiology is a term used to describe the transmission of medical imaging such as CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), ultrasound and x-rays across distances from one location to another for the purpose of interpretation and reporting. Teleradiology has been made possible through the digitisation of radiographic images and significant advances in telecommunications and computing technology.

I-TeleRAD is a business established exclusively for the purpose of providing teleradiology reporting services to both private and public medical facilities across Australia. I-TeleRAD operates from a sophisticated purpose built centre located in Melbourne.

Our Services

I-TeleRAD offers two primary services to provide 24/7 coverage 365 days a year:

  • DayRAD – A daytime radiology reporting service provided during normal business hours used to supplement radiologist shortages, holiday leave cover or overflow; and
  • NightRAD – A dedicated after-hours and emergency radiology reporting service.

3-D Lab

I-TeleRAD’s new virtual 3-D Lab comprises centrally based servers with highly advanced software that enable instant computer-aided diagnosis and reporting of patient MRI and CT scans. The new development will allow radiologists at any of I-MED’s clinics access to the latest and most comprehensive advanced imaging tools, ultimately improving diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.

The sophisticated technology will benefit patients with a range of health problems but has particular implications for those patients being investigated for breast cancer, with initial studies showing that detection via computer aided diagnosis of small, curative breast cancers could increase by a rate of approximately 7%.

Benefits of Using I-TeleRAD

I-TeleRAD provides a consistent, reliable, cost effective means of supplementing radiologist manpower either during the day or relieving the burden of on-call. Definitive verified typed reports are provided with fast turnaround times by using dedicated radiologists and state of the art IT.

This gives users the ability to supplement their radiologist manpower in increments of less than 1 FTE and therefore roster more flexibly, recruit and retain radiologists by relieving the burden of excess workload and onerous on-call, reduce locum costs and better manage medico legal risk leaving them free to focus on growing their business.

All of these benefits are available from a single 1800 number.

Our Radiologists

I-TeleRAD has a core of dedicated radiologists and is also able to draw on the 300 radiologists within the I-MED Radiology Network, one of the largest and most respected radiology networks in the world.

All are members of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, hold all required state medical board accreditations, hold full medical indemnity, and have extensive experience working across both public and private hospital facilities. Many also have further sub-specialist qualifications.

Contact Us

To find out more about I-TeleRAD or to discuss its services, please call 1800 009 945 or contact:

Turgay Raif
Business Development Manager

Level 3, Building 2
Brandon Business Park
540 Springvale Road
Glen Waverley VIC
T 1800 009 945
F +61 3 9561 0798