Customer Care at MIA Radiology

Your care is our concern

At MIA Radiology we respect that many of our patient procedures require sensitive management, and as such we are dedicated to offering you quality care that is respectful, personable and focused on achieving the best imaging outcomes. Our Doctors and staff are committed to ensuring we manage your needs with compassion and commitment, while providing a safe and comfortable  environment.

The MIA Customer Care Team is committed to ensuring that MIA prioritises what we do as a business, what our customers say and what our customers need.

Contact Us

In every clinic you will find an opportunity to leave comments and complete feedback forms.

Via the website - visit our Enquiries & Feedback section to submit your comments online

Email or phone - our MIA Customer Care Team welcome you contacting them directly on 1800 299 539 or via email

‘With integrity, commitment, compassion and respect we will care for each and every patient with unwavering service quality. Our clinic teams, throughout the MIA Radiology Network, will ensure that our service delivery is uncompromising in its quality and comprehensive in its care, always.'
Steven Rubic, CEO I-MED Radiology Network